Every day, there are new scientific discoverys.
  Yet, it takes school book publishers 10-12 years,
  to add the new information to school books.
 Here at Chemistry-School.info,you will find,
 all the most advanced scientific discoverys,
 in chemistry, genetics and nuclear physics,
 illustrated and carefully explained,within weeks,
 after their discovery and their release to the public,
 with very simple words and explanations.
 Therefore,if you want to learn,the most advanced,
 scientific information available,look for it here first.
 Each aspect of chemistry and bio-chemistry is,
 illustrated with large,accurate colorful drawings,
 that you can copy and paste into your notes,
 and your school,internet research reports.
 is created by Dr.Hu Manly acs,iupac
 of the Natural Science Institute
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  Dr.Hu Manly acs,iupac
Dr.Manly 1983
 Some of the Discoverys of Dr.Manly
  The orbital structures of the first,
  sixteen atomic elements..1984-1994
  How carbon atoms and nitrogen atoms,
  form steroids,alkaloids,hormones and
  nano-tubular structures..1988-2007
Aromatic Molecule
  How our RNA and DNA form into,large
  plate-like molecules, that bond into our,
  large helical genetic structures..1989-1998
 The molecular structures of :
  Alkanes, Alkenes, Alkynes
 The Aldose and Ketose Sugars
 The Essential Cell Restoring Lipids
 The 20 Peptones in Poly-Peptide Proteins,
 Plasma Globins,Muscle Protein..1990-2005
views of glucose
 How carbon,oxygen and hydrogen form,
 cellulose and the green carbohydrates,
 that strengthen our skin and hair...2014
 The discovery that Carbon Di-Oxide is,
  twice as large as once thought and has,
 2 Carbon and 4 Oxygen atoms..1995